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Ceramic Molds &
 Ornamental Concrete Molds

Ceramic molds are used to produce kiln-fired parts such as figurines, plates, bowls, mugs and other clay pieces. Ohme Enterprises can make ceramic molds of finished pieces as well as original works of art in the non-fired stage. Our capabilities include ...
* Plaster-press molds
* Plaster slip-cast molds
* Replicas and reproductions
* New pieces
* Multiple molds
* Multi-impression molds
* Clay parts

Ornamental concrete molds made of latex rubber/Fiberglass, ABS plastic, urethane and silicone are available. Ohme Enterprises has its own proprietary line of ornamental concrete pieces and we do custom mold work for other artisans. Oldmoldy creates art used for making molds for ornamental concrete ceramic slip casting.  Ohme Enterprises supplies bisque fired original artwork to be decorated or glazed by the customer.  OEI creates molds for artists that want to reproduce their original too. Please contact us with any type of mold-making inquiry.

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One half of a ceramic slip-cast mold