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About Ohme Enterprises

Ohme Enterprises has a 25-year track record of successfully developing a variety of products in plastics, metals and woods, from the concept stage through long-run production. Ohme Enterprises' founder Dale Ohme is a trained Industrial Pattern-maker with a flair for the unique and artistic, specializing in sculpting, pattern-making, prototype design and mold-making.

We help our clients take their ideas and concepts to the next stage. Our experience in product development and background in manufacturing can be translated into saving our clients time, money and frustration. Ohme Enterprises has worked for or in conjunction with some of the leading manufacturers in the area. We would  like to discuss your projects and use our experience, capabilities, contacts and commitment to get the job done!  

Ohme Enterprises, Inc.
13991 Balsam Lane N.
Dayton, MN 55327

Experience with a wide range of products and projects 

Ohme Enterprises has been involved in the planning, design, prototyping, tooling, production and installation of a wide variety of products and projects. Below are a few examples.

* After-market boat, car, train and train control industries
* Dash kits and wind, bug and rain deflectors
* Parts for snow machines, personal watercraft and all-terrain vehicles
* Spa machine parts, industrial canning equipment and ice skate sharpening equipment
* Drip trays, motor shrouds and belt guards
* Floating dock mold and parts
* Vacuum-formed dome parts
* Custom cast name and address plates
* Burial urns and memorials for people and pets
* Industrial cabinetry and millwork, and custom residential cabinetry
* Kiln forms, sanitary waste parts amd hydration system cleaning kits
* Wood-fired pottery kilns
* Playground equipment, athletic storage equipment and cabinetry, point-of-purchase displays and much more ...!

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